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Gold Exchange

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Gold Exchange

Refining and Assaying

Gold Exchange Company is one of Australia’s leading refiners of gold, platinum, palladium and silver. We purchase any form of scrap gold, platinum, palladium and silver from retail jewellers, manufacturing jewellers, pawnbrokers, other precious metal dealers (for example dental industry), gold miners and prospectors.

We guarantee to pay the highest prices for your scrap precious metals. At the Gold Exchange Company we only have one principle when dealing with your scrap material and precious metal, honesty. Our refining division maintains the highest integrity and honesty when determining how much precious metal you actually have in all your scrap to ensure that you are paid the highest price.

What is Gold Exchange Company’s refining process?

1. Separate the scrap material into Grade 1 Scrap or Grade 2 Scrap

We separate the scrap material into Grade 1 or 2 as follows:

A. Grade 1 Scrap Material
— Scrap gold, platinum, palladium and silver
— Gold, platinum, palladium and silver lemel
— Ingotted scrap gold, platinum, palladium and silver
— Gold, platinum, palladium and silver casting scrap

B. Grade 2 Scrap Material
— Bench and floor sweeps
— Polishing waste
— Sludge waste (Wet & Dry)
— Emery paper

2. Melt the scrap material and perform assay test

After separating the scrap material we melt the precious metal (or for Grade 2 Scrap slowly burn the waste in a combustion incinerator prior to being refined) and perform an assaying test on your scrap precious metal. Unfortunately this is where most people feel that refiners are not being entirely honest, which is why we are extremely stringent on ensuring transparency for our clients.

Given that accuracy is so important when determining the precious metal content of your refining, we utilise 3 types of assay tests:
— Fire Assay;
— Xray Fluorescence; and
— Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.
— We will also provide you with samples of your scrap material so, should you feel the need, perform your own independent assaying test.

3. Gold Exchange Company offers you the highest price for your scrap precious metal

Rest assured that the Gold Exchange Company will offer you the highest price for your scrap precious metal, not to mention an immediate payout! If you are not happy for any reason with we will return your scrap precious metal minus a small assaying and processing fee.

Contact us today at the Gold Exchange Company on 1300 020 095 or visit us at our offices for selling your scrap precious metal and scrap material.

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To ensure the best value and service for our customers, items are only tested and assessed on approval. Free Valuations of all Gold, Diamonds and Watches are priced on the spot and we guarantee the Highest Payout with No Hidden Commissions or Fees.

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